You’ve flown so far, further than anyone. The things you’ve seen…. the darkness. The Big Bad Wolf.

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What if Christopher Eccleston is actually the doctor. One day he was looking back at Earth and saw that they weren’t making Doctor Who anymore, and was like, “That’s not right..” So he parked his Tardis outside Davies’ house and was like, here’s the deal, you are going to make my show again, and I will play myself for one season to get it started. And that’s why he refuses to come back.




Why isn’t anyone talking about Dean Thomas though?

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When Dean Thomas was growing up, he always wanted to be a solider. He hadn’t known much about his real dad, but his mum had said he had been in the services which had naturally cemented Dean’s young dream. His mum’s boyfriend wooed him over with tin soldiers and later when he became Dean’s step-dad, trips to see the changing of the guard from atop his shoulders. He would imagine himself, dashing in his red coat and tall hat, guarding palaces and bases alike—all while getting his picture taken with tourists from abroad and beautiful girls who’d try to make him smile. ‘It’s not about glory or recognition Dean,’ his stepdad had said one day as they watched the changing of the guard from across the street, ‘Its honor, and duty, and serving others before yourself.’

That dream seemed to go on the back burner after he got his letter to Hogwarts. After all, he could hardly use jinxes and enchantments in front of muggles, especially the muggles who he’d interact with. The first couple years of school, magic was so new and limitless, he could hardly fathom anot working in some magical career. However, when he had to meet with McGonagall his fifth year for Career Advice, she shook her head when he came in empty handed with possible vocation after school. “You’re a fair Quidditch player Thomas, but not good enough to make a living off it,” she had said and handed him a pamphlet of Alchemy to Zodiacs: A to Z Vocations for  Students of Magic and advise he come and talk with her again after he got his OWLs to see if he had come up with something.

But he never had that chance to figure out where he’d fit vocationally in the magical world. His experiences his seventh year of running and being capture by snatchers had convinced him he still wanted to serve, protect and defend those that couldn’t help themselves. He wouldn’t leave anyone behind. He wouldn’t stand by. He’d do something. After the smoke cleared at the Battle of Hogwarts, he returned home and enlisted in the Army, slowly working his way up to one day becoming a member of the Queen’s Guard, taking on his dad’s last name of Brainbridge after learning he had been killed defying Death Eaters when he was a young boy.

He had days where it felt like he was more statue than human, and had stood an entire guard with Seamus Finnigan making leaves burn from the bench across the street, but he was finally happy in the service of his country from all threats foreign, domestic and of magic.